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Perfectly Imperfect: Embracing the Chaos of Parenting

As I spent Mother's day at a dance competition with my daughter, I began to reflect on my journey as a mom - all the amazing moments I have experienced with my kiddos, the cool things we've been able to do and the love I feel when they cuddle in my arms.

Do I make mistakes? Sure. But I am only human.

I love watching my daughter hit the stage with confidence and then feel proud of herself as she walks off. I love watching my son putting his soccer skills in play on the field and beam with pride when he stops a crazy goal from going into the net. Watching them grow and knowing that I play a part in helping them along this journey is pretty awesome.

Then came the feeling of guilt. Guilt about "getting it wrong" sometimes when my son is having a tough day or my daughter goes the the motions of being a teenager. Guilt about running a business and, at times, being too busy to enjoy the little things. Guilt about not doing "all the things" that other parents do with their kids (or at least what they post on social media).

After sitting with these thoughts & feelings for a while, I realized that I am, in fact, the best mom I can be for my kids. I am the mom they wish they had (even on the days they don't realize this fact). I am enough. I am perfectly imperfect.

I came to this conclusion because of a couple of reasons:

My mom - she is the strongest, most selfless and supportive mom out there. She is one of the people I look up to most and am so glad I can call her mom. But even my mom will tell you that she has many regrets and feelings of guilt about how she mothered. And still, with all of her "mistakes", I could have never asked for anyone better.

The second reason is that no matter what, I always try to do the best I can for my kids. Whether that is being their uber driver, making sure they have their favourite lunches packed & ready for school, or saying "no" when they want something that I don't think they should get or do, their best interest always comes first. Do I make mistakes? Sure. But I am only human.

So, as my daughter danced her last dance of the competitive season and walked off the stage with her head held high, I too left feeling a little more confident, knowing that I am doing all the things that I should be - whether they feel that way in the moment or not.

So, here is to celebrating the perfectly imperfect journey of parenthood. From the tantrums to the triumphs, every moment shapes us into the parents we are. So let's embrace our flaws, find joy in the chaos, and love our little ones fiercely. We are doing an amazing job!

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